Fortress Diagnostics

Fortress Diagnostics

Fortress Diagnostics is a global provider of in vitro diagnostics (IVDs), developing, manufacturing and supporting an extensive portfolio of clinical diagnostic tests from their ISO 13485:2016-accredited facility in the United Kingdom. Through their global distribution network, Fortress Diagnostics provides highly accurate medical testing solutions to immunology, haematology and serological laboratories in hospitals, medical centres, clinics, blood banks and research institutions in over 100 international markets.

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Biorex Food Diagnostics
Biorex Food Diagnostics manufactures innovative solutions for food and feed safety testing and life science research. Biorex food Diagnostics was established in 2014 as a subsidiary of Fortress Diagnostics and offers a wide range of ELISA Testing Kits for the rapid detection of hormones, antibiotics and other veterinary drug residues found in food and feed.

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SCIENION is a life science company well positioned in the markets of ultra-low volume liquid handling systems and microarray technologies. We provide our customers with an integrated product portfolio facilitating and improving multiplex analysis, high throughput screening and high throughput production of microarrays in the genomics and proteomics fields – from early research to manufacturing.
We provide our customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and reagent supply markets, as well as in academic research institutions, with high quality products and services, to facilitate confidence and efficiency in all aspects of their applications.
Based on SCIENION’s long standing expertise and proprietary platform technologies our product portfolio comprises hardware, consumables and services.

SCIENION’s proprietary microarray and liquid handling technologies were awarded twice with the “Innovationspreis Berlin-Brandenburg”. The annual prize is jointly awarded by the German Federal States of Berlin and Brandenburg for product and process innovations and innovative technology services.“

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Wageningen UR



Wageningen University & Research is a leading international education and research organization that contributes importantly to the quality of life in the fields of food and health, sustainable agrosystems, inhabitable green space and social changes. The research institutes belonging to “Stichting Wageningen Research” (SWR) provide applied research within Wageningen University & Research to enable the rapid conversion of fundamental knowledge to applications on the market. In the Eurostars project SWR is represented by the group BioSensing & Diagnostics (BSD) from the institute Wageningen Food & Biobased Research (WFBR) having over 25 years of experience in the development of immunoassays. In the BSD group various rapid, simple and cheap (immuno)assay formats have been/are being developed such as one-step microarray lateral flow assays and microarray-ELISAs. In these assays nanoparticles are being used as coloured labels such as carbon and silica to generate the detection signals. The group has a broad experience in ultra low volume dispensing of proteins. BSD has participated / is participating in a great number of national and international (EU-)projects, in all cases in close collaboration with, especially, small and medium-sized companies. From 1992 onwards BSD has been involved in over 20 European collaboration projects such as the FP7 projects SALIANT (SECURITY programme) on rapid diagnostics for explosives, the CAPACITIES project PINVIALEG on lateral flow detection of NASBA and PCR amplicons specific for Legionella, and the HEALTH project MALACTRES that focused on the development of new molecular diagnostic tests for malaria species identification and for the assessment of SNPs.

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